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Art Diary 🎀 no.2 : Collect-a-Con

Updated: May 3

A long post for being late due to Collect-a-Con taking up my week!

Welcome to my revamped Art Diaries -- where I make behind the scenes updates on my original artwork, designs, handmade creations, business, and personally inspiring moments. ❤️

I used to run weekly updates when I was on Ko-fi and later Patreon, until I decided to run my blog my own way on my own domain! So if you're reading this, thank you for supporting a small artist. Using other platforms run by companies takes a lot out of our earnings, but you can be certain that the support you give on goes entirely toward my work and future projects. 🥰

This entry contains 25 photos + 2 exclusive videos. These include detailed plans and photos/videos of digital art wips over the past two weeks, and behind-the-scenes of this past weekend's Collect-a-Con. ✨

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