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Tarot Divination readings

Savannah Le (Darqprism) is offering personal multi-disciplined tarot readings as written reports, in pdf and dark-academia styled Elite Mailed-In versions.


⌜About the Artist/Reader⌟

Savannah Le (Darqprism) has been a psychically channeling tarot reader and eclectic diviner for over 10+ years, with hundreds of readings that have empowered souls of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. She is a natural empath that works with tarot, dice, charms, letters, energies, fire/smoke, and dreams.


TAROT: Card reading from a 74-card deck she illustrated, that includes the major and minor arcana.

ASTRAGALOMANCY: reading with multicolored d3 to d20 dice, combining numerology with aura colors

CHARMS: drawing from hundreds of metal items with various meanings and symbolism

LETTERS: drawing from many letters to extract words and messages

FIRE/SMOKE: reading the strength and direction of open flames and smoke. used when conditions allow.

Readings can involve any subject matter, theme, or situation around the individual receiving the reading. Just about any topic of concern can be read, whether it regards life issues like career, romance, negotiations, finance, health, or personal improvement, or even more spiritual and supernatural subjects such as dream meanings, spirit guides, or paranormal activity. Some questions that have been answered in the past:

What opportunities will I run into this year?

How does this person feel about me?
What can I do to improve my prospects?

I had this strange dream about someone... What does it mean?

Is my house haunted or is it me?

What is my spirit animal and what do they want to tell me?

... & many more possibilities.

If you don't know what to ask, you can request for a general reading, which covers multiple aspects of your current life situation on a surface level.

✥⎯⎯ ⋯ ⊰ ♡ ⊱ ⋯ ⎯⎯ ✥

Due to the emotional and energetic nature of divination readings, there is a low maximum of readings that can be performed per month. Sponsors will receive priority when it comes to availability.


Disclaimer: While Darqprism has a >99% success rate in her readings according to receivers, Tarot Readings and other divinations are done for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as 100% true fact if you feel it is mistaken, nor should it be used in place of proper medical or legal advice.  


How it Works

Due to the emotional and energetic nature of divination readings, there is a low maximum of readings that can be performed per month. Sponsors will receive priority when it comes to availability.


Monthly Sponsorship = Monthly Readings

Readings I can do per month are very limited, but Sponsors always get priority!

You can receive monthly Elite Mailed-In Readings ($189) for 20% OFF ($150) by sponsoring me, Darqprism, and supporting not only my readings but my art projects as well. Being a sponsor also grants early access to my upcoming webcomic ID X OBLIVION and behind-the-scenes art project blog. If you don't want to receive a Reading any month(s), you can instead opt to get a curated surprise package of art merch and handmade crafts by me instead!


After at least 1 month of membership, the sponsor will be publicly credited on and on social media for the duration of their membership.

You may cancel this subscription at any time, from your account page.

  • ✥ Darq Diamond Muse ✥ Patron

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    Connect with the Artist + Get Exclusive Gifts + Priority Reservation on Gallery & Shop Items
    • Everything in the Base Plan
    • 3x Dreamdust Reward from Sub (worth $30/mo)
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    • Ranked Discord Role + Tier Chat Access
    • Access to Exclusive Weekly Project Journal Blogs
    • {DARQ GIFTS} Monthly Choice of :
    • ✦Curated Surprise Package with Handmade and OOAKs
    • ✦OR Personal Tarot Reading Fortune Report (pdf or mailed in)
    • ✦OR Digital Sketch Commission Dedicated to You
    • ✦OR VIP Donor Shop Advance of $100 store credit Dreamdust
    • Shop Item Drop Reservation Priority Privilege
    • 7-day Refund Grace Period

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