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Photo of the Artist Darqprism
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About the Artist

Hi! My name is Savannah Le and I am a self-learnt freelance artist, specializing in digital illustration and concept art. My occupations consist of working for Bygone Games and comics/graphic novels, plus the occasional commissions. As of this year, I've opened by online (and traveling) store, in which I sell my art prints, handmade accessories, and uniquely styled merch.

I am inspired by my vivid dreams and supernatural experiences, to draw and to tell stories! Besides drawing, I have a passion for writing and various crafts, both of which I also intend to share with the world soon someday! [ A huge personal project is under way. ]

My happy place is at a cozy floor table tucked away from a nocturnal thunderstorm, musing by candlelight with a chilled latte and surrounded by my work. It'll be all the merrier with a friend. ♡

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My Story

According to family, I've been drawing since the age of two - and it's been my favorite pastime for as long as I can remember. But for all my years of schooling I was set on the path to a career in medicine. That was, until I decided to follow my childhood dream of becoming an artist. 

Without formal education, I learned from making my own observations, learning from others, and adapting while on the job. Throughout the years, I picked up work for various books, websites, visual covers, and then later games, ttrpgs, and comics/graphic novels. 

Excited for a little adventure, I decided to see where I could take myself on my own. I began creating speedpaint videos, started writing my webcomic, picked up old hobbies like jewelrymaking, and prepping to sell my works in person at conventions and markets! 

To this day, I embrace all things new, and I leave no stone unturned! 

Multimedia painting by Darqprism
photo of Darqprism studios and home


Photoshop Suite 2023

Huion Kamvas Pro 16"

Surface Laptop 3 / PC build: Ryzen 9, Geforce RTX 3080

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enamel bat pins with swarovski by Darqprism
iridescent butterfly hair clips by Darqprism
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