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Project Journal 🍂 no.2

Updated: Apr 11

Welcome to my revamped Project Journal -- where, at the end of every week, I dive into the art progress of my work week! You'll see the works-in-progress, plans, and goals of mine while I complete commissions for clients, collabs, and indie studios. So all content posted here won't be shared anywhere else for weeks, months, or even over a year from post date. Not to worry - you're safe from any story-related spoilers here! ✨

This post contains visual updates on 3 projects and 1 drawing timelapse video, as well as just my general feelings about the work! Thank you to the upper tier sponsors for supporting me monthly to view this week's Project Journal! 🥰

✥⎯⎯ ⋯ ⊰ ♡ ⊱ ⋯ ⎯⎯ ✥

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