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Eternal Tarot Deck Fantasy Cards

Eternal Tarot:
Moon Deck

Illustrated by Savannah Le

in collaboration with Natwuns

Eternal Tarot Deck Fantasy Cards

ETERNAL TAROT : THE NIGHT DECK is a tarot card and DnD 5e box/book/card set project done in collaboration with Natwuns in 2021. I was given the task of illustrating the Night Deck’s cover symbol, and the front/back designs of 76 tarot cards (22 major arcana, 52 minor arcana, 2 special oracle) that involve actual summons you can apply to your Dungeons & Dragons campaign!


Each box includes 76 illustrated tarot cards with silver foil finishes on both sides. Each card measures the standard tarot card size of 4.75”x2.75”.


Major Arcana

Minor Arcana





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