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✧ { Exclusive Access } ✧

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Starting at $3/month on Patreon, you can get:

   Early Release Access to my webcomic " Id & Oblivion ". (COMING LATE 2023)

   Exclusive art updates on my Secret Projects every 2 weeks + my work in progress. 

   Access to the Secret Curio, where you can get FREE digital downloads, free shopping add-ons, and early access to my handmade art. 

   Up to 20% off on all Shop Listings. (increases by Tier)

   Monthly mail-in gifts from me, like new stickers or keychains (TIER 3).

& more! 

Explore Each Tier here.

Coming This 2023

More exclusive content is under way!
While I focus on my webcomic (and patrons will be the first to see it), you can take advantage of your benefits with BTS content on Patreon and perks in the Secret Curio. Thank you for you patience. Your patronage has always been immensely appreciated!
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